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Our Apps

Pocket Apps have created a generic set of themed apps for clients working in the pub, hotel, property, holiday home, school, village, conference, festival, wedding and event sectors.

Our generic apps are published on Apple and Android platforms for our clients to share reducing the traditionally high build and annual maintenance costs that comes with app ownership. 


We also have a bespoke app service that provides the same level of content and service for each client but the apps are ​unique apps to each client.

We are looking for outstanding sales agents to sell our app services to an ever-growing market and to enjoy a great commission package in return.

Generic Apps

We have 9 generic apps themes available:

Your App

Your Big Day

Your Event

Your Exhibition

Your Hotel

Your Property

Your Pub

Your School

Your Village

Apart from the icon in users home screens the content is entirely in the customer's hands.

Bespoke Apps

Our bespoke apps service is similar to the generic app service with one major difference: the client benefits from having their branding positioned on user’s phones and the client can also create multiple sub apps for their clients to use.


Let’s use an estate agent as an example of how the service works.

The bespoke app will be built and made available in Apple and Google app stores. We then allow the estate agent to create separate apps for each property on their books so owners and tenants have an individual app specifically for their property. The agent can embed individual features such as leases, inventory etc. for the occupier’s convenience.

Our Apps Content

Pocket Apps offer clients two different sections of information: Client specific and location information.

Customers have the option to choose any information they feel is most relevant to their brand.

Client Content

Information is provided using a series of menu options on the home page of the app linking to key information such as:

Website details

Drive to their property

(Using embedded Waze Sat Nav) 




Video / Channel

Online bookings

and any other specific information they wish to include.

Pocket Apps Data Sets

Pocket Apps have developed a series of local information datasets containing approximately 120,000 listings on the following subjects:


Things to do



Leisure Centres






Theatre (London)

Tube map (London)

Customers choose the datasets they wish to include in their apps.

Users can see listings either by closest to the customers location or there phone


Pocket Apps can embed Dropbox files into our apps so clients can include detailed information for their users

For example: 

An estate agent may want to include a copy of the lease or an inventory. 

An Airbnb owner may wish to add house rules, appliance manuals or Wi-Fi codes. 

A conference organiser can embed all the supporting documents for delegates to access during their event.