There can be no denying that the rise of coronavirus has changed our industry - perhaps for a matter of weeks and months, or perhaps forever.

Whilst the question surrounding how the industry will adapt long-term remains to be answered, one thing is for sure - we are currently experiencing a period of change like no other.

The hospitality industry has been one of the worst affected sectors, with social restrictions putting a pause on business as usual and creating tension and uncertainty amongst both consumers and the millions of hospitality workers who are now facing job uncertainty. As such, we’re all having to change tack in order to make it through these challenging and uncertain times.

Pocket Apps mission has always been to help the hospitality sector innovate through technology, and there’s no time that we need innovation more than now. We’re currently able to provide the sector with the urgent support that it needs, and we have a social responsibility to share that.

Change is happening, but we believe that together we can navigate it.

Why Does The Hospitality Industry need a Pocket App 

Pocket Apps originally existed to make everyone’s life a little easier.


People loved us because we made transactions quick, safe, convenient and cheap. We still do all of that, but in recent month's Pocket Apps has started serving a social purpose too.


As a society, we now need a payment solution that not only delivers on the above but keeps us safe too. Yello is that solution.

Yoello is a Fintech start-up born in Cardiff.

4:20 PM

At heart, we’re a payments provider disrupting the traditional payments system. We want to make transactions more efficient, safer and cheaper for everybody.

In order to do this, we’re innovating the hospitality tech space by using open-banking in a way that people can trust. It’s not just consumers who trust us with their transactions - the FCA does too. In fact, we are one of the first companies to be FCA authorised for open-banking in the UK.

We’ve always been developing a mobile ordering solution that improves operational efficiency and enables table ordering, click and collect and delivery servicesthroughonesimpleandaffordableplatform,becausewethoughtitwas a great idea.

However, overnight this great idea has gone from being a nice-to-have technology, to an essential requirement for businesses looking to re-open safely and in a covid secure manner after lockdown.

In recent months, we’ve been helping hospitality businesses stay afloat, whilst preparing them for the reopening of venues in a safe manner. Through Yoello’s web-app platform, we’ve helped local hospitality businesses sell their products and services during lockdown and prepare for safe serving thereafter.

Our platfrom helps to keep your business compliant whilst boosting consumer trust, which will be essential in the post-lockdown world.