Generating a monthly sales revenue of £5,000 - £10,000 is achievable for an organised, well-connected sales agent.

We bill all customers as soon as the contract is signed on 7-day terms. 

The sales commission is paid immediately once we receive the payment from the client. This means agents can expect several payments each month as clients pay their invoices.

Agents must sign a formal agreement with Pocket Apps and are responsible for paying all taxes due to the Inland Revenue from commissions payments received. 

Commission rates


Agents must choose which commission package they would prefer to take:

One-off Payment

We will pay 35% of the annual contract value and 25% of any one-off extras sold to the client in the first year only.

Annual Ongoing

We will pay 25% of all invoice value from a client for as long as they are a customer of Pocket Apps.