Distributing Apps

We use a number interactive methods to encourage users to download clients apps. It is no longer enough to just rely on users to motivate themselves to download an app - they need careful hand holding and a little "PUSH" to download an app.

We use three methods to encourage user engagement:

  1. Send the user a direct link to their app via an SMS message, either manually or using our API which is connected to our customer's booking systems.

  2. Provide online QR Codes and weblinks which automatically take the user to the app and

  3. A4 Printed posters promoting QR Code scans or mobile browser urls for Customers to distribute around their premises, promoting their app to users.

SMS Distribution

  1. There are two ways to send an SMS message to a customer. The first is to use a static link, which can be used multiple times:

    Here is a static link example used recently for a property 
    developer:    https://yourrental.page.link/vvdzdRMchrTddc2a9

  2. The second is to use a form, which will personalises the app for each user.

QR Codes

We are adding a QR code API to the app build system that will automatically create marketing materials for clients to use to promote their apps. 

This will produce the following artwork:

  • Customer website banner with QR code for users to scan when looking at a client's website on a computer. 

  • Scan this now to see the Landmark development app - you will see that it takes you straight to the correct app store page to download the app. (There is no effort required to type in the app name in order to find it.)

Web Link

We also generate a weblink for the same app because users may not have a QR Code scanner and users cannot scan a QR code if you are looking at a QR code on a mobile phone, so we also generate a URL that can be clicked on if viewed on a mobile phone. (Everything works in teh same way as the QR Code above)


To see if this working, you must open the link on your mobile device. not a computer because you need to down oad the app to see the example

Promotional Materials

We provide a free A4, PDF poster with each app showing the unique QR code and URL for the customer to use to promote their app anywhere they like. Artwork for the QR Code itself is also supplied so that users can promote their app from other media 

In summary, ​the customer is supplied with the following to promote their app:

  1. Text Push URL and personalisation form

  2. QR Codes (PNG & JPEG artwork for marketing)

  3. URL to push the app 

  4. A4 posters

  5. PNG & JPEG artwork for press advertising

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