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Generic Apps

Pocket Apps currently have 9 generic apps, which can be shared by multiple customers looking for ways to save on costs while still having access to an app for their brand.


Below are links to the product page for each app. We also have a dedicated website for every app, so sales agents can concentrate on a specific sector when targeting and meeting with clients.

By having an individual website for each product the sales agents do not have to explain why some generic app types are more expensive than others.


This is because they each have subtle differences that make them cheaper or more expensive to deliver, even though the end product delivers very similar services. Rather than complicating the sale trying to explain each individual difference, this makes the process more straightforward and easier for the client to understand.


An example of this is Your App vs Your Big Day - Your App can be built entirely from a form and paid for with a credit card, while the Your Big Day App needs a detailed form filled in and the app built by our app team to ensure their big days run perfectly.

Here are links to the products pages:

Your App

Holiday Estate Agents

Your Pub

Your Big Day

Your Hotel

Your Property

Your Event

Your School