Grapevine Sales Agents

Becoming an Agent

If you are well connected, calm and a good talker you will love this job.  Our apps are extremely versatile, great value fully tested and reliable. and shown to the right customer almost sell themselves. 

Commission Package

We offer the following packages to our Agents:



50% of the first years' total revenue (nothing paid in subsequent years)



25% of annual revenue received each year from clients

Commission Payment

On the whole, we take a credit card payment with the order and in the case of an invoice sale, we invoice on 7-day terms on the day the contract is signed .


The sales commission is paid immediately we receive the payment from the client. This means agents can expect several payments each month as clients pay their invoices.

Our Support

We will provide as much support as our Agents need to deliver sales including:

Online One to One product and sales training (about 2 hours)

Join online weekly sales training, together with other sales agents

Bespoke Mobile Phone / Tablet client Order Forms See Example Form Here

Demo Apps for all Sectors

Attendance / Help during sales meetings with clients

always available on the telephone and email 

What Agents need to provide

We will provide as much support as our Agents need to deliver sales including:

Mobile phone and or Tablet


a few hours a week talking to your network about our apps

Aim to sell 1 App a week for a minimum price of £350

Our Contract

We have a simple agency agreement which must be agreed and signed before you may become an agent

here is a PDF copy of the agreement for you to download and review.

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