How Our Apps Work

Our Apps are apps are very accessible, allowing clients to share their stories and experiences without contributing to the climate crisis
. Our pricing is market competitive and Interface is simple to use allowing users of all ages to be able to create apps with ease

Shared Apps

We have 7 shared app themes apps for our customers to share/use.:

  • Your App (Holiday Homes)

  • Your Big Day

  • Your Event

  • Your Hotel

  • Your Property

  • Your Pub

  • Your School

Apart from the icon in users home screens, the content is entirely in the customer's hands.

Our shared apps are an incredible, entry-level product for customers unable or unwilling to invest in traditionally high development and maintenance costs and who would otherwise be denied the use of an app.

Individual Apps

Our individual Apps work in a similar way to our shared apps, using the same code, however, they benefit from having a fully branded icon showing prominently on user's phones.


The app colours can be altered as the client wishes, however, they still have to utilise our template layout and local information data sets.

The cost is more expensive than the shared apps but still considerably cheaper than traditional commissioned apps, as we have to make an entirely new app, specifically for each client, publish and maintain it throughout the period of the contract. 

You can also create multiple sub-apps for their clients to use.




An estate agent uses our service to make an individual app for each letting on their books.

The tenant has everything to do with their flat on their phone, in one place. together with local information to help them move into their new home.

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