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How Our Apps Work

We have two types of app available for our clients to use: Generic or Branded. 

Generic Apps


We have created 9 innovative themed apps for our customers to share/use. They are an incredible entry level product for customers unable or unwilling to invest in traditionally high development and maintenance costs and who would otherwise be denied the use of an app.


The only compromise for customers using a generic app is their branding will not show on the icon on user's phone screens; they must adopt our template Icon and layout.


For as little as £150 per annum, compared to approx. £5000 per annum for a bespoke app, they can access a whole range of new customers.

The process of ordering a generic app works as follows:

  • Choose one of our 9 product themed websites (Pub, hotel etc.)

  • Complete a short form choosing their preferred local data sets

  • Place the Order (a credit / debit card may be required if they book on teh website)

  • Promote the app to users from their website, A4 Posters or by text message, using QR Codes and short urls, inviting them to download their generic app.

  • Users click on the link and are taken to either the Apple or Android app store where they download the themed Generic app.

  • When the user then opens the app, they will see our customer branded app.  Subsequent openings of the generic app will always show the customer's branded app.


Branded Apps

Our Branded App works in a similar way to our Generic apps, however they benefit from having a fully branded icon showing prominently on user's phone home screens. The app colours can be altered as the client wishes, however they still have to use our template layout and local information data sets.

The cost is much more expensive as we have to make a new app specifically for the client, publish and then maintain it throughout the period of the contract. 

The process is a s follows:

  • Sign the order either on the website (Agent won't get paid if they do it this way) or on the sales agent order form 

  • Complete our bespoke app form which we send in response to the order being signed order, choose the local datasets, choose colours and information.

  • We will build the native app and send proofs before publishing.

  • The app is made available on Apple and Android platforms.


  • We provide the client with all the required information to make sub apps and marketing materials to help gain followers and audience for their new app.