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Sales Commissions

Generating a monthly sales revenue of £10,000 is easily achievable for an organised, well connected sales agent, utilising their existing customer base and industry connections and giving it a good amount of time. I regularly hit this sales level working 20 hours a week on selling.

We bill all customers as soon as the contract is signed on 7 day terms. 

The sales commission is paid immediately we receive the payment from the client. This means agents can expect several payments each month as clients pay their invoices.

Ideally, we would like clients to commit to a 3-year contract as a minimum. To encourage signing 3-year contracts the commission structure is as follows:

  • Year 1 agreement 10.00%

  • Year 2 agreement 12.50%

  • Year 3 agreement 20.00%

We pay an additional success bonus of £500 every time a sales agent reaches £10,000 of net sales

(subject to terms set out in our agency agreement) .

We continue to pay a commission of 10%for a further 3 years after the initial contract period has expired if it is renewed either by our automatic renewal agreement of the customer renews directly with us.  If however our agent actively signs the client for another three years on a new contract, the above rates will then apply.

Commission Calculation example

  • For a client spending £1,000 on a contract for an initial 1 year contract period, the contract value is £1,000. The commission payable on receipt of the 1st year's invoice, is £100.  

  • If a client spends £1,000 on a contract for an initial 2 year period, the contract value is £2,000. The commission payable on receipt of each years invoice is £125 (Total commission value £250). 

  • Clients spending £1,000 on a contract for an initial 3 year period, the contract value is £3,000. The commission payable on receipt of each years invoice is £200. (Total commission value £600). 

Bonus Commissions

Set Up Fee bonus


Set Up Fees are extremely helpful at the beginning of a branded app contract (N/A for generic apps), as there are considerable upfront costs we incur, when we build apps from scratch.

Sales Agents can waive set up fees to close a deal, however, we pay 50% commission on the set up fee if customers agree to a "one off"set up fee at the beginning of their contract. Set up fee rates are detailed in the Sales Agents portal area of this website and there is a section in the mobile order form for adding it to an order

£10,000 sales target

We pay a £500 commission each time an agent closes £10,000 of net sales.  (not including VAT or set up fees)


The £10,000 threshold is calculated as follows:

  • The bonus is only calculated on sales and income made in the first year of an agreement.

What doesn't count towards the £10,000

  • Income earned in years 2 and 3 in a multi year contract

  • income coming in from a contract made in previous years

  • Set up fees

  • VAT 

Example of how this bonus is calculated

Say an agent signs a 3 year initial agreement at £1000 a year; the income being £3000 over 3 years. When calculating the bonus commission we only consider the first years fee of £1000 towards the £10,000 target.  Previous years sales (years 2 and 3) as they fall due, will not count either

Automatic Commissions

If a hotel buys a branded app and wants to offer their wedding and event customers a personalised wedding app, we will build them for £50 a time and the automatic commission you will earn is £5 per app.


This would result in the following levels of automatic commission.

  • 30 Wedding apps er annum - £150

  • 50 Wedding apps er annum - £250

  • 75 Wedding apps er annum - £375

  • 100 Wedding apps er annum - £500

Please note that you will automatically receive this commission at the and of each month we receive payment from your hotel client.

The more hotels that offer wedding services the more automatic commission you will earn.


The OTE on 120 deals a year (10 deals a month) at £1,000 per annum contract value (including the sales bonus mentioned above) is:

  • One year contract sales: £12,000 commission, plus £6000 bonus: £18000 payable in first year

  • Two year contract sales: £15,000 commission, plus £6000 bonus: £21,000 payable in first year (£36,000 over 2 years)

  • Three year contract sales: £24,000 commission, plus £6000 bonus: £30,000 payable in 1st year (£78,000 over 3 years)


Example is subject to clients paying all of their invoices in full.

No Bonus commission have been included in these examples

Product Prices & Info

Once an agent has passed the referencing stage and signed the agency agreement, we will provide access to the agent's portal area, which highlights the following:

  • Full product descriptions

  • Product prices

  • Sales methods we have employed so far

  • Discount tolerances 

  • Client mobile/tablet sales contracts